"I started going to Jodi for acupuncture treatment in March 2016. I was living with symptoms from being diagnosed with MS and thought I had to just live with the numbness and tingling in my left leg and left foot. Jodi listened to me and together we made a treatment plan. After the first treatment the numbness and tingling had subsided. Jodi continued the treatment for my numbness and tingling for the next few sessions and I now no longer have numbness and tingling in my left leg and foot. One evening I went in with my MS acting up and experiencing tremors. In the past when this would happen I would take my meds and hope they would subside. Jodi saw the tremors going on in my body and knew she had to deal with my tremors. After the scalp acupuncture treatment the tremors were gone! My body quit shaking uncontrollably. Jodi takes the time to listen and understand what is going on in a person's body and make a treatment plan accordingly. Jodi and her care and expertise in acupuncture has greatly increased my quality of life!"


“Whenever I sit down in Jodi’s office I feel like I’m the most important person in the world. She truly listens and acknowledges your health history. She noted from our very first appointment that is was her goal to bring balance to my body so that I wouldn’t need as frequent appointments and possibly eliminate the need to schedule appointments at all. Acupuncture helped me resolve stress and anxiety I was experiencing from digestive issues from my struggle with emotional eating. She also treated my chronic upper back pain with cupping, massage, and acupuncture. Jodi is eager to hear about your story and to help you on your healing journey. I can’t praise her quality of care enough! She’s one of the most peaceful, calm, and nurturing holistic health care providers I’ve ever encountered.”
- AK

“Jodi seeks to understand her patient's needs and customizes treatments to get the best results. She is naturally intuitive and sensitive, and her holistic approach to healing is unmatched. Jodi's patients benefit from her passion to learn and continuously improve.”
- KO

"I came to Jodi to try acupuncture for the first time in hopes of improving my skin (47 years old). Not only did I notice a wonderful improvement in my skin, I also experienced a major reduction in PMS and overall felt much better with a reduction in stress. I am so grateful I discovered acupuncture with Jodi! Not only was the experience painless and relaxing, but Jodi has a bedside manner that is second to none! And, I also discovered the importance of having an acupuncturist that is very well educated and trained - she will obtain her Doctorate vs. someone who goes through minimal training. Please do your research. I highly recommend Jodi as a holistic health care provider."