Jodi L. Peltier, Founder of Wren Health, is Board Certified in Acupuncture Medicine and has spent an additional two-years as an on-site Advanced Practice Doctoral Fellow & Resident. Training (totaling 10 years of college education) included specializations in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Rehab, Immunology, Trauma, and Reproductive Medicine. She is focusing her practice around orthopedic conditions and auto-immune disease as well as women experiencing menopausal symptoms, though treats all sorts of conditions. Her formal education bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, as her doctoral training in California has prepared her for primary care in Integrative Medicine. She is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and currently is under-going implementation of a 14-year vision of building a larger scale multi-modal facility (Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative/WWBI) which will house providers with specialty training in all mind, body, spirit therapies, as well as with Integrative Western providers. This vision supports philanthropic efforts to assist our Veterans with the care they need outside the conventional scope of medicine. This need was realized in collaboration with the VA in Minnesota where an outcry was realized for these services, having demand being greater than the supply. We hope to be able to fill the healthcare needs of our Vets with adjunctive therapies in collaboration with the VA System, to serve them in a most holistic manner as our vision moves forward. In the meantime, you can find Jodi practicing out of a beautiful and welcoming clinic space in the South Metro area of Mpls/St. Paul.

Jodi is an expert in soft-tissue palpation and manipulation with more than 6,000 patients serviced for acute/chronic pain and injury/fibromyalgia. She incorporates this experience into every treatment.

Deb Fee, RN and co-founder of Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative (non-profit) is a retired nurse, yogi, certified TM practitioner and Yellow Barn Wellness owner. Together in this passion and purpose, Jodi and Deb share the mutual vision in co-creating a larger multi-modal facility that is the merging of a Barn space + Clinic space. Deb owns a beautiful reconstructed barn on her personal property that serves a Wellness space currently located in Mendota Heights, MN where she has transformed it into a sacred, healing environment that hosts classes and workshops that focus on transformation of the inner-self. Classes and workshops consist of yoga, pilates, mindfulness practices & meditation, cooking, community gatherings, and more. Deb has also has a long-held vision of building a "Bigger Barn" in collaboration with Jodi to service others in a most compassionate, holistic way that makes for a stronger community, better living, and outreach efforts for those who are seeking comfort and health with an Integrative approach for optimal wellness.

Should you need more information about WWBI or wish to sponsor/partner with us, we would love to hear from you! We hope you can join us in seeing our vision through in building a retreat center proximal to the MN VA, the MSP airport and with accessibilty for much of the Metro area's residents and guests. We invite you to share in this manifestation by purchasing Deb's beautiful new book ("The Address to Your Heart", Fall 2016) with original artwork by Ara Elizabeth, along with accessories, and fine, one-of-a-kind gifts where 100% of the proceeds will go toward fulfilling our vision, along with our other generous donors and in-kind donations.