MISSION: To provide whole person health with minimum invasive-ness, the least amount of negative side-effects, and to empower our patients with options for improving quality of health, naturally.

VISION:  To reach demographics seeking options for health and wellness, to educate populations unfamiliar with integrative medicine, and to initiate integrative care models into our existing conventional care systems as adjunct therapy.

With an aging population and the present opioid epidemic, it is imperative to create jobs and educate the society at large to utilize Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) as well as institute a holistic platform of preventative care with existing standard care models, as well as assist with disease management, pain, and palliative care for those in need.

We shall:

  • Be in pursuit of an increasing demand/patient population to implement these modalities (2002 figures represent 60% of our population who have used Alternative/Complementary/Integrative therapies in conjunction with their regular care)*.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers to ensure patient needs are met.
  • Enable a “best practices” model based on available evidence and research in the holistic health care realm.
  • Provide accountability and stability where Practitioners “first do no harm”.
  • Facilitate optimal wellness goals within a concerted amount of time between Patient and Practitioner.
  • Continue to improve our methods and practice through continuing education, experience, passion, and dedication.

What you can expect from us:

  1. A clear, concise, and thorough Initial Evaluation with Treatment and Basic "Phase" Plan
  2. A detailedTreatment Plan and established Goals set between patient and provider
  3. A Progress Report by request and/or at the end of a Treatment Plan for your own records and/or for sharing with other providers as necessary
  4. Any literature supporting your condition(s), recipes, suggestions, self-care plans, and more to take home intermittently
  5. Very high ethical and practice standards with understandable communications and terminology
  6. An annual Superbill for services rendered to submit to your Insurance company for reimbursement
  7. Knowing where we "end" and another provider "begins" via referrals
  8. Utilization of measurable scales/numbers/graphs to exhibit accurate response from treatments