Many people wonder how Wren became our name. This word originally came in the context of "Ren" (Confucian roots) during Chinese Medical School (emerging in 2013) quite by accident, which was only read in 1 particular book very briefly. I was sent down the rabbit hole wanting to learn more! As I dug, the meaning became alive and decided it must be kismet. Ren carries multiple meanings of "benevolence", "charity", "compassion", "kindness", "love", and "altruism" - denoting the good feelings a virtuous person experiences.

While we at Wren do not hold religious barriers, we also do not lean on merely one mode of thinking. These meanings spoke loudly to the kind of practice and being we wish to live and give, all encompassed in one word.

"Ren is to love others" - Confucius

"Openness and sincerity of heart became the central meaning of Ren and the root of moral cultivation, which can best be described as a gradual process of person opening vs. person making." - Huaiyu Wang

From here it gets even more complex, it was discovered an actual bird (wren) exists that is indigenous to Australia, called the Superb Fairy Wren. Adorned with it's vibrant blues, browns, and blacks, this bird also has altruistic traits. The overlap occurred and Wren was nearly official.

There's more ... along comes Deb Fee from The Yellow Barn (birthed in 2012) that houses classes and workshops for better living, whereon most days you can find yogis working on their practice. Deb has a fabulous "Wren" story (you will have to ask her to tell you) so when our voices on this topic merged, it so became.

Together, we have one large vision that has been housed in our hearts for a very long time. Your purchases of books, jewelry, gifts, services, classes, workshops, and donations help us get a little closer in making this dream a reality.