In partnership with Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative

Deb Fee, RN
Co-founder, CEO

for Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative & Owner, The Yellow Barn


Professional Care Team

Our Pledge

We here at Wren combine science + Eastern medical therapies to bring you health from the inside out, while staying abreast of current research.

Erin McCabe, M.Ac.

Office Manager

Our Purpose

At Wren: Holistic Health Clinic, our mission is to integrate care for optimal health and vitality for all ages.


Acupuncture / Dry Needling

Athletic Taping

Auricular needling (PTSD, NADA)

Chinese Herbal Rx

Electrical Stimulation (E-stim)

Fire Cupping

Food Therapy/Nutritional Counseling

Functional Medicine

Infrared Heat/Light Therapy

Nutritional Supplements

Orthopedic Massage (Tui-Na)

PLUS:  Yoga, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Pilates, mixed classes and workshops for all ages.

Stay tuned for MORE to come!

What We Offer

Julie Schmidt, MBA, RN. Leadership Pathfinder, Coach, and Mentor. Former CEO Woodwinds Health Campus, Sr. VP and CAO HealthEast.

Numerous others (too many to name!) working together in assisting our vision toward a Wellness Retreat Center and "Bigger Barn".

Jake Fee, Secretary & Finance for Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative

Jodi L. Peltier, Doctoral Candidate, L.Ac.
Proprietor, Lead Clinician & Co-founder, COO for Wren:  A Wellbeing Initiative